Spy Camera: The inconspicuous spy

The most important factor for a good spy tool is obviously the camouflage. A spy camera may not be immediately recognizable as such, otherwise the people who you want to take pictures or movies, would be alerted prematurely. For an observation would be something fatal and could lead to the termination of the action. For this reason, a spy camera is unimpressive and almost invisible. While a radio spy camera, the video signal transmits by radio, camera memory cards are used in most espionage that may be read out when needed. Some especially stationary spy cameras also feature motion whereby the video recording starts automatically.

Where throughout a spy camera can hide itself

The developers of such cameras hide the technology to spy about often in small everyday things, on the one does not necessarily respects and does not stand out as the spy camera. Since these objects are an everyday occurrence, they do not fall on outsiders and even if you move things time to bring the camera lens in the correct position, acts not unusual. Popular designs for such cameras include:

  • Pen
  • Lighters
  • USB flash drives
  • Spy camera in stuffed animals
  • Watches and Clocks

There are also cameras that can be hidden among other behind Badges, Pins, ties, or watch and so the body can be worn.

The purpose of spy camera

The spy camera is intended unnoticed to make photos. Whether it is to get for example, the unfaithful girlfriend on the track or less fun among friends. But the cameras are used, among other things by authorities such as the police to shadow people in dodgy operations. A single spy camera such as those that can be hidden in buttons or the shirt button, are also used by undercover officers to film cheaters in their scam. In the privacy of the spy camera, however, can be used among others for monitoring the apartment, if you want to set up a protection against burglary or will supervise the handling of people as cleaners or carers of their children. Zeil is a spy camera to watch over sensitive areas or for collecting information.

Handling and Quality

Depending on the price and size of the spy camera vary widely in their execution. Simple models are already available for a few euros, usually have the quality of a traditional webcam, but it also very easy to use. Most models in this category have only one or at most two buttons, which is also responsible for snapping pictures and record videos. Although more expensive and extensive models have better resolution, but also more control elements, so that the dealing with them is more difficult. It is therefore important that one takes previously aware of what you want to use a spy camera and then ordered a model. While for the private photographs, a simple design in the form of a pin or a lighter, should for a professional use rather more expensive, but also qualitatively better model to use.


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