BlackBerry 10 Hardware and software

The BlackBerry Z10 is of the powerful; clocked at 1.5 GHz dual-core processor Snapdragon S4 Pro (MSM8960) powered by Qualcomm Adreno-320 with the strong GPU and a 2-gigabyte memory. Much computing power are also in demand because of multitasking: The BlackBerry Z10 up to eight applications simultaneously.

Unlike other operating systems, stop here in the background running applications such as a video stream or a Flash animation in the browser while the user is checked for example just newly arrived messages. In the BlackBerry World found so far hardly useful benchmark apps that demonstrate the potential of the hardware of the BlackBerry smartphones and services. In cross-platform benchmark Geekbench 2 of Primate Labs, which measures processor and memory performance of smartphones, the BlackBerry Z10 section in the test with the installed firmware version with 1666 points, and thus at the same Leven from like the Apple iPhone 5. The Google Nexus 4 surpassed the Geekbench 2 benchmark both devices significantly with 2,210 points, which is also equipped with a quad-core CPU Sony Xperia Z came to 1987 points. In standard SunSpider test that measures the javascript processing in the browser, the BlackBerry 1719 with Z10 is milliseconds behind the iPhone 5 with 992 milliseconds and 1451 milliseconds with the Nexus 4.

Otherwise we have to for performance assessment of the BlackBerry Z10 rely entirely on their own experiences in the test, which yes are also crucial for the use of the user experience in everyday use of your smartphone. Most part, the system is fast and fluid, but not a hundred percent smoothly. Surprisingly, it came in the trial of the BlackBerry Z10 even when scrolling in simply structured submenus such as the settings permanently on little hooker. This even more surprising because, for example, on the other hand, scrolling in a crowded with pictures gallery entirely liquid expired. This must obviously have the BlackBerry optimize coordination between hardware and software.

The system

While the menu flat and the arrangement of the different areas is clear, the user gestures of BlackBerry 10 to be learned anew. That cannot be within a few minutes, but takes days of intensive application until you have really discovered all the tricks of the system and the operation of his hand as masters. It is gratifying that in its new BlackBerry devices such as the BlackBerry Z10 a tutorial for beginners – and those are now only once every 10 first-time users of a BlackBerry smartphone – offers.


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